Laughing in Nanny's Kitchen

Welcome to Nanny's Kitchen . . . get comfortable, relax, and enjoy the visit----make yourself at home. And, hopefully, you'll laugh before you leave.

Nanny in her kitchen in 1999 frying chicken.
Nanny in her kitchen frying chicken in the magic pan, September, 1999

In 1999, I began to record some of the stories that I had heard my grandmother ("Nanny") tell about our family all my life.  In 2001, I created a web page with some of those stories.  Now, in 2010, I'm finally updating it a little and republishing it after a recent trip to Georgia to visit my family.  I still have hours of tape I haven't edited yet from our sessions in 1999 - 2001.  I hope you enjoy what I've put together so far as much as I do. 

If you are interested in a CD with these stories on it, e-mail me.

A couple of notes about these stories:  (1) I recorded them at Nanny's house in Rome and in my house in Florida over a couple of years at different times just using one of those small recorders so the sound isn't too good on some of these; (2) The volumes are different on some of these stories, so you might have to turn the volume up or down a few times. 

Here's a zip file containing all these stories in mp3 format if you want to download them to your computer to listen to, burn to a CD, put on your Ipod or whatever:  It's a large file and if you have a slow connection, it will take a while to download, but it's there if you want it.  If you have problems with it, let me know.

Okay, now for the stories.  If you click on the link that follows, it should start playing all the stories right away.  Here's that link:  All the stories.

If you want to download the stories, just click on the links below and it will download them to your computer.  If you want all the stories at once, use the link to the ZIP file above.  Hope you enjoy!

God Hugs Nanny
Nanny and Phoebe Lost in the Mountains
Nanny and Boe
The Singin' and Shindig
Leonard and the Camper
The Legend of Uncle Dub
Getting Saved
Leonard the Deputy
Aunt Mary and the Firecracker in the Church
Aunt Mary, Aunt Louise and the Mule
Boe and the Snow Fan <-- this is my favorite story about Boe
Boe Wears a Coat So It's Too Cold for Johnny
Dub the FBI Man <-- I still have nightmares from this!
Allan and the Wasp
Nanny and the Snake <-- Hilarious!
Uncle Dub Scares Nanny and Mary
Dub Scares Boe <-- he scared everybody at one time or another
Aunt Mary Falls Asleep Playing Aggravation
Hoyt Loses His Teeth
Nanny's Memories of her Grandparents and Parents
Stories About Ruth
Daddy tells Nanny Joan Fell in the Well
Boe and the U-Haul
Allan's Birth According to Nanny
Boe and the Snow Fan (Version 2)
Nanny and the Blue Money
Dub Scares Nanny and Mary (Version 2)
Nanny Gets a Marriage Proposal in Chicago
Stories About Aunt Louise
Nanny in Chicago - Breakfast at JPUSA <-- I lived in Chicago at JPUSA for a few years
Nanny's Early Memories
Nanny and the Snake (Version 2)